Google Mesh Wi-Fi Gives Parents the Control They Need

Google Mesh Wi-Fi

Google Mesh Wi-Fi Gives Parents the Control They Need

Our Family Pack includes the 3-pack of the Google Mesh Wi-Fi, plus installation and customer education. The Google Mesh Wi-Fi system provides better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home, but there’s so much more you can do with this system. Ultimately, it gives parents control over the Wi-Fi and the devices connected to it. You can fully manage the Wi-Fi in your home with features that allow you to make sure your kids don’t get too much screen time or that a particular device doesn’t lag.

Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of your Google Mesh Wi-Fi system:

  • Review device bandwidth usage and prioritize devices.
    You can view a list of devices connected to your network, and each one will show how much bandwidth it’s using. You can also select a timeframe to view the use of bandwidth, which can help you determine if your kids are accessing devices after bedtime or any other time they’re not supposed to.

    In this same list (also under settings), you can give priority internet speed to a designated device or devices. You can also set a timeframe for this priority status. Prioritization ensures the designated device(s) has maximum bandwidth required for proper functionality.
  • Manage your child’s connection to Wi-Fi from any of their devices.
    With the Google Mesh Wi-Fi, you can create groups for your devices. Group the kids’ devices together, and you can control all the devices together as needed. You can pause the Wi-Fi connection to those devices (and set times they have access to the Wi-Fi), allowing you to limit screen time and make sure your kids are focusing on homework, getting their chores done, and staying off their devices after bedtime.
  • Create a network for guests.
    By creating a guest network, you can keep them from accessing your other devices on your home network. You have complete control over the guest network, including creating a unique password for it and turning it on and off when needed. This guest network will automatically be a lower priority to your main network.
  • Share your network password from the app via text or email.
    Instead of walking over to your router to check the network password or somewhere else in the house, you can view and share your network password from your mesh Wi-Fi app. Conveniently text or email the password from the app.

Having a reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout your entire home is a great benefit on its own, but the Google Mesh Wi-Fi system and app give parents (and homeowners) an advantage with full Wi-Fi control.