“Jedi Mind Tricks” to Try With Your Google Home

Jedi Mind Tricks

“Jedi Mind Tricks” to Try With Your Google Home

May the 4th Be With You is tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate than with your own “Jedi Mind Tricks” for your Google Home! We’ve compiled a couple neat tricks you can try that also make your day-to-day a little more efficient.

Google Home

Trigger a series of actions with 1 Star Wars-themed command using Google Home’s Routines or Shortcuts

Learn how to set up Routines/Shortcuts here. It’s all done in the Google Home app settings on your phone.
  • Say “Hey Google, execute order 66” to have all doors lock, Philips lightbulbs turn to red, and Danger Zone starts playing on all speakers
  • Say “Hey Google, Chewie we’re home” to have all the lights turn on, along with the TV opening up the YouTube app and playing clips of Chewbacca

Google Home Mini

Broadcast a message through all Google Home speakers

Announce when it’s time to start the Star Wars movie marathon to everyone in the house so they all come to the living room – simply say, “Ok Google, broadcast ‘It’s time to start the Star Wars movie marathon!’”

Dim lights and lower max volume with Night Mode

Night Mode is built into the Google Home, so all you have to do is set up what actions you want included under “Night Mode” and then set a schedule for when that mode is enabled…such as when it’s time to send the little Jedi(s)-in-training to bed.

Google Home Mini

Find your phone – even if it’s on “Do Not Disturb”

Learn how to set this up here. Once it’s set up, you can say “Ok Google, find my phone,” and your phone will ring even if it’s set on “Do Not Disturb” mode. Once you’ve found your phone, you can control all the integrated devices in your home…which is almost like mind control, right?

How are you spending your Star Wars Day?