National Pet Day: Technology to Fit Their Needs

National Pet Day

National Pet Day: Technology to Fit Their Needs

Smart home technology improves the lives of everyone in the home, including your pet. For National Pet Day, give your pet some comfort and yourself some security whether you’re away from home or sitting right next to them. Here is some of the technology that can improve the lives of you and your pet:

    • Surveillance cameras

      Monitor your pets in the home or outside in the backyard. Having a surveillance system allows you to check in on your pets regularly, whether you’re home or not. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing your pets are safe.
    • Smart door lock

      If you aren’t home and need someone to check on your pet, a smart door lock allows them to use a code to get into your home. You don’t need to mess with exchanging keys, and you have a lot of control over the codes. For example, you can create a door code that can only be used a certain number of times. You can create a door code for each person who has access to the home and monitor when codes are used. It adds an extra level of security to the home while also providing convenience when someone needs to get in without a key.
    • Smart thermostat

      Keep your home at the perfect temperature so you know your pets are always comfortable. These thermostats also give you the ability to set schedules and control the home remotely. You can regulate the temperature in the home from anywhere to ensure your pets are always comfortable. There’s also an add-on for the smoke/carbon dioxide detectors that can add an extra layer of protection for you and your pets.
    • Automated music/television

      Playing music or keeping the TV on can help provide a distraction for your pets. Whether they simply calm down with background noise or you need something that can drown out a scary thunderstorm, having a sound system and/or TV that can be controlled remotely allows you to provide comfort to your pet from anywhere.
    • Automated lights

      Sometimes you’re away from the home longer than planned, and it’s dark outside before you know it. Automated lighting allows you to control the lights in your home remotely, giving you the ability to turn lights on for your pets while you’re out of the home.

Keep your pets safe and comfortable from anywhere, and have peace of mind knowing they’re safe and happy. If you have any questions about this technology or would like a quote to have it installed, contact us. Happy National Pet Day!